midnight wake up call

The shrill ringing woke her up for the first time in weeks, it was no nightmare that woke her but  a damn phone!! 
    " I am buliding that time machine and hunting down Mr. Graham Bell." She mutter angerily to herseld as she
picked up her cell "HELLO!!" she growled into the object of her hatered at the moment. "Cortez? sorry to wake you
but we have an emergency." NCIS Special Agent Jethro Gibbs answered back trying to hide a smile. She sighed
she heard the apologiantic tone  in his voice. " It is alright Gibbs now what do you need NCIS'S greatest secert weapon for?" Jinx asked her neck craddiling her phone between her ear and shoulder as she searched for her bluetooth. "We need you in quantico to help with a joint investigation kid, with the F.B.I." ( ahhah found ya sneaky little bugger) she thought as she picked up the bluetooth and put it in her ear "F.B.I huh you mean you havent killed agent Hanks yet, well Gibbs you are showing great more paitent than I could give you credit for." Gibbs luaghed so softly she thought she was imaigning it. " No kid we are working with the BAU